Thursday, 3 March 2016

Modigliani Lesson Plan

Amadeo Modigliani is famous for painting his figures with disproportionately long necks. This 1919 portrait of Jean Hebuterne is typical of his Expressionist style.

 I want my students to consider the unusual elegance of Modigliani's figures by painting a portrait in a similar style.

The first step is to sketch the face, neck and shoulders lightly in pencil.

Students will then go over their pencil lines with diluted black tempera paint.

For the next stage, students should mix four different skin tones in tempera.

These can then be applied in a loose, expressionistic manner onto the face and neck of the portrait. Students shouldn't be afraid to 'double dip' their brushes in more than one tone, and to mix the paint directly on the surface of the picture.

Students will then mix four different hues of hair colour, These don't need to be overly natural in appearance - it works well if the young person is playful and experimental with their hair colours.

These can then be applied to the surface using the same method is the skin areas.

Students should then choose some bright colours to paint the backdrop and clothing areas.

Finally, some undiluted tempera paint can be used to go over the original lines, giving the piece more definition.


Here's some completed student work!

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