Friday, 29 April 2016

Matisse Inspired Collagraphs

This lesson was inspired by the cut outs of Henri Matisse. I also wanted students to get a chance to experience collagraph printmaking, as we haven't used this technique so far this year. Students had some time to acquaint themselves with Matisse's cut outs and then they each chose one to recreate as a collagraph.

The young people were given a wide array of materials to make their collagraph plates with, including fabrics, pieces of tile, tissue paper, beads, plastic bottle lids, and bits of shaped styrofoam. I wanted them to see how different materials create different textures when printed. Making the plates was really fun and allowed for some superb materials-based exploration.

When the plates had been completed, students inked them up using rollers and then printed their collagraph out on to paper.


Students then used coloured pencils to enhance their work.

Finally, the young people created some extra visual interest by pattern making in oil pastel.

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