Monday, 8 February 2016

Pictures and Words part 1

My Year 10 students are currently working on their first project for their Art and Design GCSE. The theme of this project is ‘Pictures and Words.’ Here’s a few examples of the different approaches students are taking.
One student became particularly interested in the dark side of celebrity, considering how fame and fortune don’t necessarily make a person happy. The student linked this to the theme by examining the published journals of Kurt Cobain, before creating a pencil sketch from a photograph. The student also made a monoprint of Amy Winehouse.
Later on in the project, the same student developed an interest in the contrast between youth and old age. They drew a pencil sketch based on Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawing of a foetus in the womb. To illustrate the contrast between the old and the young, the student aged the paper with tea before drawing.
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The young person also carried out a number of observational studies in various media, exploring the difference between young and old skin.

Another student approached the same theme from some very different angles. Inspired by the Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club album cover, the young person used wrapping paper and vintage photographs to create a psychedelic collage.

The same student also decided to explore visual motifs of primitive humanity, creating a series of block prints of a Neanderthal head.

Taking this idea of primitivism further, the young person linked their work into the theme by considering pictorial forms of language. Inspired by this, the student then made an aboriginal style painting using acrylic paints on craft paper.

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