Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Drawing with Wire

This is a lesson I've never ran before, so it was something of an experiment, both for me and my students. I've had a coil of modelling wire lying around in my room for about three years now and I've never really made much use of it. Rather than use it to make armatures for clay projects (which is what I originally bought it for), I thought I'd have my students  create some three dimensional drawings by cutting, twisting, bending and clipping the wire together. I didn't give the students any particular prompt of what they should make, I just gave them a demo with the wire cutters and pliers and let them get about creating!

Because I didn't give a specific prompt I couldn't really design an assessment rubric for the lesson, but the work could be graded on safe use of tools and creativity with materials. It also proved to be quite a challenge for some students' fine motor skills.

Here's a selection of what they came up with.

One example was this crazy haired, toothy portrait.

Someone else created a more abstract portrait in semi-profile.

Then there was a stick figure with an impressive side parting.

There were also a couple of really interesting minimalist animal forms.

And a really cool flower!

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