Monday, 9 May 2016

Leaf Prints

Yesterday I posted a lesson plan giving some ideas about how we can get our students outside and searching fpr art making materials in the natural world. People really seemed to respond well to this idea, so I decided to create something of a follow up lesson plan also using natural materials.

To start, students should take their paper and some wax crayons and make rubbings from any nearby trees. It's good to use a variety of colours and to pay some thought to pattern-making when doing this. Whilst they're outside, students should look around and collect some leaves too. Just like the last lesson, ensure they've got permission before they pick leaves from any plants or trees!

Next students will need some black acrylic paint and a soft foam brush to dab the paint on to their leaves.

They can then place their leaves paint-side down on to their tree rubbings, before going over the unpainted side with a soft foam roller.

You can be sure they'll get some fantastic results!

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