Sunday, 8 May 2016

Foraging and Fibres

Now that summer's here we can start teaching art lessons outdoors again. I tried this lesson for the first time last summer and it was a big hit with the students. I'll definitely be repeating it this year and I thought I'd share it online too.

The natural world provides an abundance of art materials for us to use. This lesson is a simple and easy way to get students foraging around their gardens and local parks for materials to make art from. You can sense their excitement when they realise how much stuff is just lying around for them to use!

They should start by hunting around and finding four sturdy broken branches of approximately the same length.

Next they should arrange their sticks in to a square and then take some string and tie them together, fixing the branches into place.

Once they've secured their branches they can tie pieces of yarn horizontally and vertically across their frame.

Then students can take different coloured yarn and begin to weave pieces in and out through the net that they've made.


Finally, they can hunt around the area again and find whatever urban flowers (like dandelions or daisies) they like to decorate their work. Please make sure they don't take flowers from anywhere they shouldn't!

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