Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Illustration Course Week 4

It's half term week at Red Balloon, and the young people are having a well-earned rest. The only teaching I've had to do this week was my adult learner group, who now are up to week four of their illustration course. I've noticed huge progression from them all over the past couple of weeks and I'm really excited to see what their work will be like by the end of the eight week course.

This week's workshop was particularly focussed on drafting and re-drafting, which I think is especially important for illustration as you want your image to communicate its message clearly. I think it's quite a discipline to re-draw the same image more than once, so I was really pleased to see how keen the group were to continue to develop the same picture.

I'm still bringing different media to each session, and this week the students' were provided with some Neo Colour water soluble crayons to work with. These are a favourite of mine and it was a pleasure to demonstrate them for the students.

Here's some pictures from last night. The black and white pencil/pen drawings are examples of the students' work from their individual themes and the coloured pieces are experiments with the water soluble crayons.

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