Sunday, 23 October 2016

Personal Mythology

All cultures of the world have a rich tradition of mythology. The themes of courage, honour, loyalty and treachery continue to resonate deeply within us and often find their way into modern movies, novels and video games.

I've been planning and delivering a lengthy unit on identity this term, and this seemed like a good place for students to create some artwork inspired by their own personal understanding of mythology. Other lessons that have formed part of this unit are secret diary sculpture and reverse collage.

These pieces were created by working in watercolour on pre-dampened paper. Students should be encouraged to let the colours flow with the water, allowing the spontaneous creation of shapes and lines to suggest imagery.

In the early stages of the work, students should let the physical act of creation take precedence and try not to bring too much conscious decision making to the process. As an image begins to form, students can turn their minds towards their own personal understanding of mythology. At this point they can begin to create resonant scenes incorporating their own archetypal figures.

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