Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Illustration Course Week One

This week I started teaching an evening class in illustration, facilitated by a great community education organisation called The Public House. I've not done a huge amount of teaching adults before, so I was a bit nervous at the prospect, I'm happy to report the first session went really well. My students are a great bunch and happily joined in with all the activities I set for them. They all worked really hard and each of them produced about four sketchbook pages.

I've decided that each week I'll provide a different range of media, as well as different creative prompts. This week was concerned primarily with shape, line and the basics of visual storytelling. The media we worked in was pencil, coloured pencil, felt tip and collage. The results were great, and it seemed like the group had a fun time.

I'll report back next week on how the session goes. The theme for next week is 'Word and Image' and I think I might provide some wet media like water colour paints and water-soluble pastels.

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