Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Illustration Course Week 6

The theme for this workshop was 'drawing from literature' and I'd previously selected some excerpts from Mervyn Peake's gothic fantasy Gormenghast. This book (actually part of a trilogy) is rife with vivid descriptive language, so it seemed like a good pick for my illustration group to work from.

As a warm up exercise, I asked my students to work in chalk and create a medieval cityscape with a foreground, middleground and background. I also set my students the challenge of working onto black paper rather than white, so they could see the different kind of effect this creates.

We then spent the rest of the session considering how to create illustrations of some of the characters from the novel. Here's the student's interpretations of the Duchess.

Next week we'll continue to take our inspiration from classic literature, using HG Wells' The Time Machine as our prompt.

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